We are proud of our values, culture and client care. We are a boutique offering truly bespoke services. We are deeply committed to investing in a very close relationship and understanding of our clients.

AGPC is a one-stop platform providing a single entry point for foreign investment in Portugal.

Independent investors:

As a boutique firm, AGPC is able to provide the flexibility and responsiveness needed by foreign individual investors and entrepreneurs looking to enter Portuguese markets while simultaneously providing tailored and customized investment strategies to meet each and every individuals need.

Families relocating and Retirees:

For individuals looking to move to Portugal or retire, AGPC provides the benefits of cultivating meaningful and long-lasting relationships with its clients as well as a familial sense of trust.


AGPC’s strong network and wealth of expertise allow for foreign businesses to take advantage of Portugal's more affordable labour and tax benefits, while simultaneously receiving the responsiveness and flexibility of a boutique firm.

We are proud and humbled to share with you a collection of first-hand testimonials that some of our clients were kind enough to share. The way we work with our clients will hopefully give you some insight into our culture.

Young professionals and digital nomads investing in Portugal

Investor, USA/Canada, 36

"I really enjoy working with everyone at AGPC and couldn't recommend them highly enough. Whereas most law firms just want you to conform to some fixed, rigid process they've set up because it's more convenient for them, at AGPC they are always listening to your specific needs first. Their suggestions and solutions are always tailored to your personal circumstances, and that really makes a difference as your goals and needs aren’t necessarily the same as everyone else's. I think being able to execute on my case as well as they did during the pandemic, when everything was constantly changing just shows how skilled and adaptable they are. I highly recommend their services."

Foreign entrepreneurs opening a subsidiary in Portugal and expanding to Europe

Entrepreneur and family relocating, Mexico, 48

“With AGPC I am grateful and pleased. Catarina and Inês have been very professional and have supported me with everything I have needed.
Finding you has been of great fortune since I could accomplish everything I needed to establish the company here and move my family and myself. And, in the Covid era you have been especially present and helpful. I have personal and professional gratitude with you all.
The help of Inês for the family residence permit was exceptional. You provide confidence, professionalism and effectiveness all the way. Thank you.”

Foreign investors coming to Portugal

Investor, Russia, 46

“A friend of mine who lives in Portugal recommended me to contact Filipa and I can say that I never regretted that I’ve become a client of AGPC. Filipa and her team are very professional, efficient and client-oriented.”

Investors living abroad and maintaining investments in Portugal

Investor, USA, 52

“I have been and continue to be extremely happy with the personal attention that you and your staff provide.
It is in stark contrast to the legal profession here in the States (with some exceptions of course). I think that this strength will serve you well into the future especially with Americans.”

Entrepreneurs and families relocating to Portugal

Entrepreneur and family relocating, Morroco, 39

“Moving to a new country for business or personal reasons is always challenging.This challenge can quickly fall into the bad-experience category if one doesn't meet the right people at the right time. For me, AGPC has been and continues to be an important partner (emphasis on partner). This is a company with a great sense of care and tailored assistance. Despite the pandemic situation, moving to Portugal has fallen into the smooth-experience category for me because I could rely on AGPC every step of the way. "One-Stop-Shop for Business & Investments": it's not just a random company tagline. Being able to ask almost anything and knowing that you will be pointed in the direction has been a tremendous help for me. I also dfelt comfortable and relaxed to come to your office because I felt everything was under control.”

Entrepreneurs launching their startup in Portugal

Entrepreneur, USA, 60

“I really feel that you and your colleagues are genuinely excited about the company and vision that I have for my business. You have been patient and kind and when you are trying to manage the demands of a business on two continents, that can make the difference between a good day and a bad one for the founder. I also felt you anticipated my needs and took care of things, suggesting the next steps and overseeing things with other service providers.”

Established companies expanding to Portugal or Europe

Foreign company opening a branch in Portugal

"Every time we need legal advice in general, we like to rely on AGPC for several reasons, including: the speed of response, the kindness of the lawyers, the quality of the work, the competitive values presented, the high level of expertise and precision in the topics covered – they always show us the best paths, making a complete analysis of the context and available options. I feel completely safe whenever I can count on AGPC's support.
Recently I was able to count on all the organisation and diligence in a somewhat complicated immigration process for a collaborator hired in the USA. Even during the various restrictions due to the pandemic, everything went smoothly. We were always very well advised and guided from the verification of documents until the employee arrived in Portugal to start working."

Pioneer in integrated advice on investment and business development