Today, Tomorrow, Together

Our vision

One-Stop Platform:

When a client wants to invest, launch a business or relocate to Portugal, we always commence by understanding their goals and objectives. We tailor the correct strategy with them and oversee its execution from beginning to end and beyond.

AGPC advises investors worldwide when it comes to investing in the Portuguese market. We provide the local expertise required to make informed decisions. We are a one-stop platform, providing the full support that foreign corporate and individual investors need to properly address an entrance into the Portuguese market.

Long-Lasting Relationships:

We are successful because we foster great relationships between our foreign clients and their new local communities. What sets us apart is our ability to develop and maintain long-lasting and strong relationships.

AGPC bridges the gap of unfamiliarity as well as the learning curve that comes with investing in foreign countries. Our mission is to facilitate a smooth integration in the Portuguese local community, making sure that our clients feel welcome and that their projects are executed smoothly and effectively.

Positive impact:

We hold in high esteem partnering with clients and projects that add value and have a positive impact locally.

This is why our motto and ethos can be encapsulated into three words, ´Today, Tomorrow, Together.’

We are AGPC.

Experienceand reliability

Our Solutions


  • Preliminary study to support the investment decision
  • Follow-up of bureaucratic procedures
  • Ongoing management and investment optimization
  • Obtaining a Residence Permit - Golden Visa, D7
  • Taxation in Portugal and Non-Habitual Residents’ Regime
  • Real estate investment
  • Launching a Startup
  • Business Support Services
  • Family Relocation
  • Healthcare and Wellness Concierge